What does it mean to bet on the Asian total in soccer and other sports

If you know what the Asian total means, you are one step closer to the status of an experienced player. We understand the nuances of betting on parimatch bet client the Asian total.

In this article, we will dissect what the Asian total means, how bookmakers calculate bets on the Asian total and why to bet them.

What is betting on the total

Total is a bet on the number of productive actions: goals in soccer, goals scored in hockey, points in basketball and volleyball.

Bets on total more and less are made. In the first case, you bet on exceeding the selected value, in the second on the fact that this bar is not reached. For example, for goals in soccer, the average bar is 2.5 goals.

Bookmaker offices accept bets on the total match total, total at halves, periods and quarters, individual team totals and players.

What the Asian total bets

The second feature of Asian total betting is double or fractional totals. If you think a bet on TB 2.5 is too bold, and TB 2 is too modest, then the Asian total of TB 2.25 goal is suitable for you.

Bet on such a total is calculated as follows. Let's say you bet $100 on a total of more than 2.5 goals. Your bet is conditionally divided in two: $50 will go to the TB 2 and another $50 will go to the total of TB 2.5. These two halves will be calculated as usual.

Asian total in the express is calculated the same way as in the single.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Asian total

One disadvantage is the difficulty of calculating the Asian total for beginners.

The advantages are more:

  • a wide choice of betting options,
  • The possibility of reassurance in case of uncertainty in the outcome,
  • Refunds in case of a draw, taking into account the total.
  • That is why every bettor should master the Asian total bets.