How to Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency

In a normal IOTA purchase, the interested party acquires the currency in physical form. Those who want to buy the cryptocurrency can register on a crypto exchange, buy the coins in the appropriate quantity and then transfer them to their own wallet, where they are kept until the owner sells them again. Some investors keep their IOTA coins for months or years until they decide to sell them at a suitable time.

Buying IOTA - Instructions:

  • Register with a crypto exchange that offers IOTA for sale.
  • Verify yourself (for example, by video call).
  • Make a deposit in euros.
  • Select IOTA, enter the desired purchase amount and complete the purchase.
  • Then transfer the purchased MIOTA to your own wallet.

IOTA can only be purchased on crypto exchanges since 2017. It is not possible to buy IOTA in euros on every exchange. On some, the purchase of IOTA requires the prior possession of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. Investors who want to buy IOTA with euros here must therefore first buy other cryptocurrencies in order to then exchange them for IOTA.


How can IOTA be traded?

A CFD is a contract for difference in which an investor bets money on the price development of an underlying asset, such as IOTA. Accordingly, he does not buy the currency in physical form, but speculates on the future development of the price. The price trend is modelled and reproduced 1:1 of the real IOTA price.


Trade IOTA via CFD

Trading with CFDs is becoming increasingly popular among investors. Opening a trading account with a CFD broker can be done in a short time. Deposits can be made by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal, among other methods. In addition, the brokers usually offer a free demo account, which allows users to get a first impression of the broker's trading offer.

In recent years, the number of CFD brokers has increased significantly. Often these are forex brokers who have included CFDs in their offer and also make them available to their customers at Exness login client area. Many brokers are based in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or England. In addition, there are numerous providers who have their headquarters in Cyprus, for example. Investors should definitely compare the offers of the individual brokers in advance in order to find the provider that suits their own requirements.


What are the advantages of investing in IOTA?

When investors buy IOTA, they can invest in a future technology with potential. The Internet of Things is one of the most important topics in technology and business today. It is therefore also referred to as "Industry 4.0". Here, machines are networked with each other and largely act autonomously. This results in various advantages for the economy. IOTA is related to this because the Tangle provides the basis for this far-reaching networking and makes it possible for machines to pay each other.

Here is an example: Let's assume that your own refrigerator can detect through sensors that the milk is almost used up. It then orders new milk on its own. The product is brought directly to the customer's home by a drone and the refrigerator pays for it automatically.

In the field of cryptocurrencies, IOTA thus represents a unique project. The Tangle is an advanced technology that no other digital currency has been able to match. The interest of the business community in the benefits of IOTA for the IoT shows the potential that large companies attribute to the novel technology.

Conversely, this also means that IOTA's success is tied to this interest. If something goes wrong with the development of the technology, the tangle is not as effective as intended, and corporations are no longer willing to support IOTA, this would also have a bad effect on the share price. However, so far nothing points to this worst-case scenario. Rather, the general interest in using cryptocurrencies is growing.