How does a capper use this in betting?

The material will be of interest to those caps who bet on tennis in play with handicaps.

Grand Slam tournaments are the top competitions in online casino and tennis. It's not surprising that these tournaments are used to placing a lot more money by the capers than the minor tournaments. If we talk about the level like ATP Challenger, professional tennis players play here too, but the level of these tennis players themselves is quite low. Ridiculous mistakes, clumsy technique, problems with game psychology are common on Challengers.

For example, a match is played in which two tennis players have a strong serve. We are used to the fact that in such a game, a break is almost equal to losing a set. If the break occurs early enough in the set, the server at the score of 3-5 already stops fighting and just gives up another game, as he understands his difficult situation.

The reason - not the office, but psychology

This manifests itself in unforced errors or double faults, which causes the match to be lost on one's own serve. In such situations beginners are used to accuse tennis players of "playing for the office" and giving up their serve on purpose. Of course, we can not rule it out, because there have been many scandals with match-fixing in tennis.

Tennis betting applications during the match

And here is a tip for fans of betting on tennis on the forum in play. After the break and the score 4-3 or 3-2 kappers may think that a plus handicap of 2.5 is the ideal bet, because the tennis players meet at approximately the same level. In reality, one of the tennis players might stop fighting and end up with a 6-3 score, for instance. Let's say you place a bet with odds 1.40 or 1.50, but the chance of losing is really high. That is, an unjustified risk.

If a similar situation happens not in the last set, but in the first set, then tennis players don't give up so frankly. The whole thing is that if one player wins a set and the final game on his serve, then in the next set he will serve the second.